"Volume 2"

Your Next-Level of Spiritual Growth Starts With Putting God First … Before Everything Else! 

Listen, it’s not that alarm clock, coffee, tea, high-intensity workout, or yoga routine that’s giving you the strength to wake up and PUSH through the day … it’s God! 

You see, when you wake up first thing in the morning and spend quality time with  God, you don’t need anything else. 

God becomes the alarm clock you never need (or want to) press snooze on.

God becomes the morning cup of coffee that energizes you for the rest of the day. 

God becomes the daily force of faith and confidence you can always rely on to  PUSH through any obstacles the day holds.  

The problem is you don’t truly know how to express your innermost thoughts and connect with Him on a deeper level. And that’s the problem Volume 2 of Wake Up  Girl and PUSH Through™ is here to resolve. ​

Inside this soul-stirring collection of  50 relatable prayers, scriptures, and  teachings, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Call in, decree, and declare an overflow of God’s blessings into all areas of your life

  • Push past your lack of focus, energy, and self-discipline to create an early morning, God-first wake-up routine

  • Clearly and confidently let God’s voice speak louder in your thoughts, actions, and beliefs than the enemy’s

  • Uncover the true power of using God’s name and His omniscient character

  • Answer The Holy Spirit's nudges to be more disciplined and obedient to God

  • Easily and effortlessly apply scriptures to overcome your personal hardships

  • Surrender your heart to God with practical and powerful prayers that express what’s residing in your soul – all without feeling like you’re repeating the same prayer day in and day out

  • Advance to your next level of spiritual growth and maturity by truly putting God first (before all else)

So, if you’ve been …

Struggling to find the right words to pray in a way that genuinely expresses your innermost thoughts …


Craving a deeper connection with God …


Desperately wishing you could feel His hand touch all areas of your life …


And wanting to allow His favor to wash away your tribulations but you’ve had difficulty with boldly asking Him to do so …


Then Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl and PUSH Through™ is the daily guide that will provide you with the words to approach God boldly, authentically, authoritatively, powerfully, and genuinely – all with the reverence He deserves.

With over 1,300 five-star reviews, Volume 1 was just the beginning of the most amazing spiritual journey for readers across the United States. And the journey continues in Volume 2 – only this time your walk with God will be on a deeper level.


You see, with Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl and PUSH Through, you’ll advance to the next level of spiritual growth and maturity by taking a more in-depth plunge into the importance of being disciplined and obedient to God and using the power of prayer to surrender your heart to Him in all aspects of your life.

When you can confidently communicate with God, you allow His grace and favor to transform every aspect of your life.


BUT, don’t take my word for it … here’s what Volume 1 readers have said about their breakthroughs and transformations:


And YOUR breakthrough, transformation, and abundance of blessings are waiting for you … on the other side of your discipline and obedience to put God first before anything else.


Are you ready to surrender your heart to God and allow Him to shower you with His grace and favor?


Are you ready to put your burdens in His hands and let Him boldly show up in all aspects of your life?


And are you ready to accept the blessings that come with putting God first (before all else)?


If your answer is YES, YES and YESSS, then Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl and PUSH Through™ is the key to doing everything you’re ready for!

Meet the Author

Hi there, I’m Shantia Coleman, author, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur.


Women of faith rely on my bold, straight-from-the-heart words to give them the confidence and faith they need to eliminate their fears about going to God with their challenges.


I’ve given thousands of women across the United States the words they needed to discover their personal direct line to God.


But before I learned how to amplify the voices of others so they could be heard by God, I was right where you are now.


You see, after tragically losing my only sister, I couldn’t find the words to cultivate an intimate relationship with God.


That is, until I realized through unwavering obedience and discipline, that the key to PUSHing forward was to put God first.


Once I opened my heart and put Him before anything else, I took my walk with God to the next level. And when you purchase your copy of Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl and PUSH Through, you’ll learn how to do the same.

Now, there’s one last thing I want you to know: 

It’s not about the length of time you spend with God. 

It’s about the quality.


And there’s nothing like spending those first few moments after waking snuggling up with God. 

You see, when you know how to confidently voice your deepest, darkest fears to  God (the ones you keep to yourself and don’t dare speak out loud to others), you open your heart to fully accept His grace. 

When you know the right words to communicate your insecurities, your goals, and your hardships to Him, you open your soul to allow His favor to cleanse your life and shine a light on your blessings. 

And when you don’t just say you put God first, but truly make your relationship with Him a priority from the moment you open your eyes, then you have the power to completely transform your life. 

The results …  

You mature spiritually at an accelerated pace, connecting with Him on such a deep level you can truly claim He is your best friend (while still giving Him the reverence He deserves). 

Your physical, emotional, and financial well-being improves exponentially, paving the way for blessings beyond your wildest dreams.  

You become bolder in the face of your enemies and more confident in the face of your struggles. 

You blossom into the you that God has always meant for you to be. 

Volume 2 of Wake Up Girl and PUSH Through™ is your daily guide to doing all of that and so much more.


All you need to do is to commit to the work … waking up and pushing through so you can let God’s hands reach in and transform every area of your life.  

It may not be easy. 


But I promise you, it’ll be worth it.